Girrafe producer (test) -

Girrafe maker (test)
Girrafe producer (test)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

私は、これはそれがどのように動作するかを把握するために作られたので、私はpicrewを作りたかった、と私はGoogleはこれができない場合があり翻訳し、正確な翻訳使用していますので、日本から来るにもかかわらず、私は日本のことはありません。 i have wanted to make a picrew for a while so i tested it out with a cute little giraffe! the options are limited because it is just a test but i hope you have fun with it ^^

picrewGoogle I have needed to make a picrew for some time so I tried it out with a charming little giraffe! the choices are restricted on the grounds that it is only a test yet I truly want to believe that you play around with it ^^

(Translated by 'Google translate')