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ラスト更新 2020.05.23 LobotomyCorporationの職員さんを作りましょう 遊ぶときは必ず二次創作のルールやマナーを注意し、守ってください 時間があれば、ちょくちょく更新かもしれません EGOやゲーム内容と他に、自分勝手で色んな飾り物を描いております 先に更新して欲しい髪型や表情があれば、お気軽に@rachel30330に教えてください。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 這是腦葉公司二創紙娃 請遵守二創規則和禮儀來遊玩 網址在上面 有時間我會慢慢更新 除了EGO跟遊戲內特效以外,還擅自為所欲為的畫了一堆有的沒的小東西 如果有想要我先畫的髮型或是表情,可以直接私訊@rachel30330 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Plurk:n Twitter:

Last update 2020.05.23 Let's make Lobotomy Corporation staff Please be careful and follow the rules and manners of secondary creation when playing If you have time, it may be updated frequently In addition to EGO and game content, I draw various decorations on my own. If you have a hairstyle or facial expression that you would like to update first, please feel free to tell @ rachel30330. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lobotomy Corporation 2 Creation rules Observance 2 Creation rules Japanese style play toys Net ruins Top surface Yes time Self-pride Renewal exemption EGO You can think of it as a sword-shaped or facial expression, can directly ask yourself @ rachel30330 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Plurk: n Twitter:

(Translated by 'Google translate')