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make yourself or some cute characters ! INFO -- many of the features can be moved and be rotated. -- If there are a lack of features it may be due to the fact that i'm very lazy (and busy) so I still have to incorporate them. you will probably see updates! !! TERMS AND CONDITIONS !! -- no commercial use -- DO NOT USE AS A BASE. I will be mad. -- you may use this as an icon for social media accounts -- do NOT remove my watermark or add yours. If the watermark is cut due to you using it as an icon that’s ok! But please credit. -- this is nonprofit, you may not use this picrew to generate money or advertising. -- I would love to be tagged in your picrews! seeing them would make me very happy! SOCIAL MEDIAS twitter: instagram:

make yourself or a few charming characters ! Data -- a large number of the highlights can be moved and be pivoted. -- In the event that there are an absence of highlights it could be because of the way that i'm extremely sluggish (and occupied) so I actually need to consolidate them. you will most likely see refreshes! !! Agreements !! -- no business use -- Try not to USE AS A BASE. I will be frantic. -- you might involve this as a symbol for online entertainment accounts -- try not to eliminate my watermark or add yours. On the off chance that the watermark is sliced because of you involving it as a symbol that is totally fine! Be that as it may, if it's not too much trouble, credit. -- this is charity, you may not utilize this picrew to produce cash or publicizing. -- I couldn't want anything more than to be labeled in your picrews! seeing them would make me extremely blissful! SOCIAL MEDIAS twitter: instagram:

(Translated by 'Google translate')