Protogen (Common and Uncommon) -

Protogen (Common & Uncommon)
Protogen (Common and Uncommon)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hello! I make Protogen icon picrew for you all :) This picrew only has common/uncommon traits. I do not include rare traits to avoid unofficial Protogen creations. What you can do: - Edit final lineart to your desire - Use for icons character creations - Make unlimited characters - HAVE FUN What you can not do: - Sell as adoptables/profits - Deceive the public claiming you/someone drew it - Remove signature of picrew My English is so-so, thank you :)

Hello! I make Protogen symbol picrew for all of you :) This picrew just has normal/extraordinary attributes. I do exclude uncommon characteristics to stay away from informal Protogen manifestations. What you can do: - Alter last lineart to your longing - Use for symbols character manifestations - Make limitless characters - HAVE A great time What you can not do: - Sell as adoptables/benefits - Mislead the general population asserting you/somebody drew it - Eliminate mark of picrew My English is not really good or bad, thank you :)

(Translated by 'Google translate')