GAY CREATOR(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

eng- a fairly inclusive picrew, latest release 12/28/19 (subject to updates). this is half an update, i'm trying to add more things right now! PLEASE do not edit in any way, free to use as an icon as long as you don't crop out my watermark, or at least credit leave an ask on tumblr if you want to request an update! (if somebody could help me translate this to japanese i'd appreciate it greatly!)

eng- a genuinely comprehensive picrew, most recent delivery 12/28/19 (likely to refreshes). this is a portion of an update, i'm attempting to add more things at the present time! Kindly alter in no manner, allowed to use as a symbol as long as you don't edit out my watermark, or possibly credit leave an ask on tumblr if you have any desire to demand an update! (in the event that someone could assist me with making an interpretation of this to japanese i'd see the value in it greatly!)

(Translated by 'Google translate')