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Build-A-Clown 2.0 (WIP) | ピエロ
Build-A-Clown 2.0 (WIP) |(Translated by 'Google translate')
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ENG: Build your very own clown girl! I say "girl" specifically because most of the items here are pretty feminine. This is an updated version of a different Picrew that I tried to make last year. It's pretty minimal right now, but I'll try to update it as I go. (Sorry if my Japanese isn't very good; I had to use Google Translate.) --- JPN: あなただけのピエロの女の子を作ろう! ここのアイテムのほとんどがかなりフェミニンなので、私は特に「女の子」と言います。 これは、昨年作成しようとした別のPicrewの更新バージョンです。 今はかなり最小限ですが、更新していきます。 (日本語が苦手な方は申し訳ありません。Google翻訳を使わなければなりませんでした。)

ENG: Assemble your own personal comedian young lady! I say "young lady" explicitly in light of the fact that the majority of the things here are female. This is a refreshed variant of an alternate Picrew that I attempted to make a year ago. It's really negligible at the present time, yet I'll attempt to refresh it as I go. (Sorry in the event that my Japanese isn't excellent; I needed to utilize Google Translate.) --- JPN: Picrew Google

(Translated by 'Google translate')