Amemiya Tsukihana Girl Icon (Study) -

Amemiya Tsukihana Girl Icon (Study)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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初めて作ったメーカーです。アイテムは徐々に増やしていく予定です。初心者が作ったのでところどころおかしいですが、目を瞑っていただけると嬉しいです!TwitterIDは消さないでください。 SNSなどのアイコン、TRPGなどの立ち絵などにご使用ください!使用する際は、一声いただけるとアイテム追加のモチベになります! Don’t remove my Twitter ID (@NpnQlSdL4ObGfVu) 最終更新日→2021/04/18 更新内容→(エクステ、衣装など新アイテム数点追加。髪色差分(ピンク)追加。一部衣装に色差分(黒)追加です)

This is the first manufacturer I made. We plan to gradually increase the number of items. It's strange because it was made by a beginner, but I'd be happy if you could close your eyes! Please do not delete your Twitter ID. Please use it for icons such as SNS and standing pictures such as TRPG! When using it, if you give us a voice, you will be motivated to add items! Don't remove my Twitter ID (@ NpnQlSdL4ObGfVu) Last updated → 2021/04/18 Update contents → (Several new items such as extensions and costumes have been added. Hair color difference (pink) has been added. Color difference (black) has been added to some costumes)

(Translated by 'Google translate')