Do not sink -

Do not sink(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

沈め 画像の使用はツイッターだけに留めて 必ずハッシュタグ #沈ぬ も付けて 返信でも付けろ 殴るぞ 自作発言を疑われるような使用も控えてね アイコンに使うならサイトは別に問わないよ only use in Twitter. or die 作った人 ‪@janome_mikan3 ‬ 髪色にオレンジを追加したよ でも削除の関係で追加できてない髪もあるよ すまんな

Sink Use images only on Twitter Be sure to attach the hashtag #sink I'll hit you with a reply Please refrain from using it if you suspect that you made your own remarks. If you use it as an icon, it doesn't matter what site you use. only use in Twitter. or die The person who made it @ janome_mikan3 I added orange to my hair color But I'm sorry that some hair couldn't be added due to deletion.

(Translated by 'Google translate')