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Proof (provisional)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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読み:しょうめいめいかー 一般的な人を作れるめいかーです パーツすくなめ 証明写真みたいなのしかない あまり派手じゃない人間しか作れません 探索者などに!ランダム非推奨 ●悪意の無い、常識的な範囲内での利用と  個人利用を約束できる方のみ作成したイラストを  アイコンなどにご利用頂き大丈夫です  (※利用して良いのは自分で作成した結果のみです)  商用じゃなければTRPGも大丈夫 配信使用も可 (個人や身内だけでわいわいする目的なら基本的にどんな用途も大丈夫) 胸辺りまでの引き絵なので若干拡大するのがおすすめ   使用の際はどこかに 名前(△○□×)か メーカー名(証明々(仮))を 記載して下さい ●加工や加筆などは悪意の無い範囲内ならOK  左右反転などもご自由に ●できたキャラクターの二次創作  発表やご利用などもご自由に  服のデザインとかも別にそのままでも大丈夫です ●二次配布、トレスや自作発言などはダメです 【他NG例】 TRPGなどシナリオにNPCとして作成後に シナリオ配布と共に作成した画像同封するような行為 イラスト交流企画ものでのCSでの利用 (結果を参考に自分で一から作成したイラストは可) ●何かしらの問題、他個人的な理由、  更新作業などで非公開にする場合があります 許可に関する連絡が非常に多く個別返信出来てません。上記をお読みの上ご判断頂けますと幸いです。 11/11 公開 作者/△○□×(みわしいば) Twitter/

Reading: Shomei Meika-Meika who can make ordinary people-Parts scooping Only like ID photos Only people who are not very flashy can make it For explorers etc.! Random deprecated ● It is okay to use the illustrations created only for those who can promise non-malicious, common sense use and personal use for icons etc. (* Only the results created by yourself can be used) If it is not commercial, TRPG is okay. Distribution use is also possible (basically any use is okay for the purpose of being happy only by individuals or relatives) Since it is a drawing up to the chest, it is recommended to enlarge it slightly When using, please write your name (△ ○ □ ×) or manufacturer name (certificate (provisional)) somewhere. ● Processing and retouching are OK as long as they are not malicious. Feel free to flip left and right ● You can freely announce and use the secondary creation of the created character You can leave the design of the clothes as it is ● Secondary distribution, tress and self-made remarks are not allowed [Other NG examples] An act that encloses an image created with the scenario distribution after being created as an NPC in a scenario such as TRPG Use in CS for an exchange project (Illustrations created from scratch by yourself with reference to the results are acceptable) ● Some problem, other personal reasons, It may be kept private due to update work etc. There are so many contacts regarding permission that I cannot reply individually. We would appreciate it if you could read the above and make a decision. 11/11 released Author / △ ○ □ × (Miwashiba) Twitter / https: //

(Translated by 'Google translate')