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*. Mahou Shojo Maker. *(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

変身途中のマホウショウジョをうみだせるメーカーです Twitter等のアイコン使用OKです🙆‍♀️ Picrewさん利用規約とか?に書いてあるだめなことはしないひとに使ってもらいたい ⚠️からだと左手バラバラなることがあります!私がPCの元に行けるまでどうにもなりません 飽きてしまったけどもったいないおばけだから公開 10月19日土曜日くらいにちょこっとだけ更新予定です( 'ω' و(و"♪ 夜までにもうちょっと増やす こんなのあったらなーとかとかあったら教えてもらえるとうれしいです (作業遅いかつ簡単なやつから進める危険がある) →Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/716nia →質問箱 https://peing.net/716nia (使い方よくわかってないごめんなさい) いろんな子みれてうれしいです!ちょっとずつだけどアイテム増やしていきたい

It is a maker that can produce magical girls in the process of transformation You can use icons such as Twitter 🙆‍♀️ Picrew's Terms of Service? I want people who do not do the bad things written in ⚠️ Your left hand may fall apart from your body! I can't help until I can go to my PC I'm tired of it, but it's a wasteful ghost, so it's open to the public It will be updated only a little on Saturday, October 19th ('ω' و (و "♪" Increase a little more by night I'd be happy if you could tell me if there was something like this (there is a danger of starting with a slow and easy one) → Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/716nia → Question box https://peing.net/716nia (I'm sorry I don't understand how to use it) I'm glad to see various children! I want to increase the number of items little by little

(Translated by 'Google translate')