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Hakamo-style tentacles(Translated by 'Google translate')
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触手と少年(少女)を作れます 卑猥は一切無い ひとを選ぶパーツがちょいちょいあります 現在は白灰黒のモノクロです 色は…つくかな… 人外パーツもうちょい増やしたいです キズの増加は目の上/目の下でふたつまでできます あと一部噛み合わない組み合わせもあります ご了承を 加工に関しては塗り絵とかで楽しんだりしてもらえれば 過度な改変加工はごえんりょください 2019/2/11:口パーツの表示配置を調整(齟齬ありましたらお知らせください) 19時:前髪7種追加(デコ・メカクレ系) 2019/2/11:公開 何かありましたらついったまで https://twitter.com/beni_neko

You can make tentacles and boys (girls) There are a few parts to choose people who are not obscene at all Currently it is monochrome of white gray black. The color is ... I want to increase the number of non-human parts You can increase the number of scratches up to two above / below the eyes. Please note that there are some combinations that do not mesh with each other. Regarding processing, if you enjoy coloring books, please do not overdo it. 2019/2/11: Adjusted the display arrangement of the mouth parts (please let us know if there is any discrepancy) 19:00: 7 types of bangs added (Deco- Mechacre system) 2019/2/11: Published until it arrives if there is anything https://twitter.com/beni_neko

(Translated by 'Google translate')