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SNS status data maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

・垢移動する時やネタバレ実況などをする前にフォロワーに知らせたい時使う用アイコン ・↑を、自分で作るのが面倒なずぼらな人向け ・SNSならどこでも使用可🙆 ・作者がずぼらなので字が汚いです ・(使わないと思いますが)ランダム非推奨です ・1/27 パーツ追加(イベント周回中、進捗カウントダウン数種、数字) リクエストや質問等あれば【@bochi_haka】【@140akr】までご連絡ください。

- Icon for use when you want to inform your followers when you move or when you want to inform your followers before doing spoiler live commentary etc. - ↑ For sloppy people who have trouble making their own - Can be used anywhere on SNS 🙆 - The characters are dirty because the author is sloppy - (I don't think you will use it) Random deprecated - 1/27 Parts added (during the event lap, several progress countdowns, numbers) If you have any requests or questions, please contact [@bochi_haka] [@ 140akr].

(Translated by 'Google translate')