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instagram/tumblr/twitter are all @snaily1999 please credit or link back here if you decide to post/use results! this is mostly just for inspiration for making tf ocs so i don't care if you edit your result so long as you don't remove the signature ^__^ you will probably have to wiggle some parts around to make them fit (i highly recommend using the random button if you're looking for character inspiration) have fun!!! -------- instagram / tumblr / twitterはすべて@ snaily1999です 結果を投稿/使用する場合は、クレジットするか、ここにリンクしてください。これは主にtfocsを作成するためのインスピレーションのためだけなので、署名を削除しない限り、結果を編集してもかまいません^ __ ^ あなたはおそらくそれらを合わせるためにいくつかの部品を動かさなければならないでしょう (キャラクターのインスピレーションを探している場合は、ランダムボタンを使用することを強くお勧めします) これが奇妙に聞こえたらごめんなさい、私はグーグル翻訳を使いました -o-;

instagram/tumblr/twitter are all @snaily1999 kindly credit or connection back here on the off chance that you choose to post/use results! this is generally only for motivation for making tf ocs so I couldn't care less in the event that you alter your outcome insofar as you don't eliminate the mark ^__^ you will likely need to squirm a few sections around to make them fit (I strongly suggest utilizing the arbitrary button assuming you're searching for character motivation) have some good times!!! -------- instagram/tumblr/[email protected] snaily1999 /tfocs^ __ ^ -o-;

(Translated by 'Google translate')