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방금 막 튀겼어요(It just fried)
(It just fried)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Made by @YAI_CMS 🍤OK!🍤 alteration Please indicate the source when using the SNS profile. Non-commercial use. Fan merchandise production. 🥢NOOOO!!!!🥢 Commercial use. Tracing. Malicious processing. (Is that hard to do?) - 🍤OK!🍤 가공 SNS 프로필 사용시 출처 표기 부탁합니다. 비상업적 사용 굿즈 제작 🥢NOOOO!!!!🥢 상업적 이용 트레이싱 악의적 가공(근데 새우튀김으로 가능할까요...)

Made by @YAI_CMS Alright! change Kindly demonstrate the source while utilizing the SNS profile. Non-business use. Fan stock creation. NOOOO!!!! Business use. Following. Malignant handling. (Is that difficult to do?) - Alright! SNS . NOOOO!!!! ( ...)

(Translated by 'Google translate')