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Google Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Create your own Google! Googles started off as a Zephyrsworld inside joke. They were originally a fanart design that turned into a completely unique thing. They're small, debatably cute, and they make the vine thud sound effect sometimes. Bing are "anti Google". Yeti Google are very fluffy Google. Wongus...... is Wongus. Credit where credit is due: Google design and lore by Buddy Picrew art by Zephyr Picrew construction (and some art) by Xiel "50 Employees" frame by Cartooner Suggestions from the server! TERMS OF USE: ☺ Feel free to: profile pic, share w/ friends, minor edits ☺ OK: アイコン, シェア, 編集 (プチ) ☹ Don't: editing out signature, claiming as own, minting on blockchain ☹ NG: サインを削除, "これは私がしました!", NFT ---------------- v1.1 - added more hats, dresses, a body hue and recolours. instructions fixed! v1.0 - Release Please send requests or errors via Zephyrsworld or by tweeting @zephyr241 on Twitter. <3

Create your own Google! Researches got going as a Zephyrsworld inside joke. They were initially a fanart plan that turned into a totally remarkable thing. They're little, questionably charming, and they make the plant crash audio effect now and again. Bing are "hostile to Google". Sasquatch Google are extremely soft Google. Wongus...... is Wongus. Recognition for a job well done: Google plan and legend by Buddy Picrew workmanship by Zephyr Picrew development (and some craftsmanship) by Xiel "50 Employees" outline via Cartooner Ideas from the server! TERMS OF USE: Go ahead: profile pic, share w/companions, minor alters Alright: , , () Don't: altering out signature, guaranteeing as own, printing on blockchain NG: , "!", NFT ---------------- v1.1 - added more caps, dresses, a body shade also, recolours. directions fixed! v1.0 - Release If it's not too much trouble, send solicitations or blunders by means of Zephyrsworld or on the other hand by tweeting @zephyr241 on Twitter. <3

(Translated by 'Google translate')