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♡ girl of the month ♡
young lady of the month(Translated by 'Google translate')
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loona inspired picrew where you can create the members or play around with their iconic looks from predebut to present !! <3 i'll be slowly adding more and more assets to this so expect there to be new stuff every now and then ~ follow me on twt ((if u want to hehe)),, it's @oddeyecarat :~D i'd love to see what u guys made so feel free to tag me if u post your icons !! u3u

loona motivated picrew where you can make the individuals or play around with their notorious looks from predebut to introduce !! <3 i'll be gradually adding an ever increasing number of resources for this so anticipate that there should be new stuff once in a while ~ follow me on twt ((if u need to hehe)),, it's @oddeyecarat :~D i'd very much want to see what u folks caused so to go ahead and label me if u post your symbols !! u3u

(Translated by 'Google translate')