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A producer that can make supernatural girls(Translated by 'Google translate')
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女児向けヒロインが作れます。ランダム非推奨。 リボンや髪飾りは結構動かせます。 ご要望・ご感想は#魔法少女を作れちゃうメーカーかマシュマロで。https://marshmallow-qa.com/guren_amylase 自分でもどこを目指してるのか分からなくなってきたので是非送ってください… ○OK ・Twitterアイコンへの使用(メーカー名か作った人のアカウント(@Guren_Amylase)を載せてください) ・キャラアイコン等への使用 ・pixiv等の画像投稿系サイトへの掲載(リンクをお願いします) ×NG ・自作発言 ・二次配布 ・悪意のある加工 ーーーーーーーーーー 20191012 「羽」追加「耳角」新設 20191011 「目」「髪飾」「枠」追加 20191010 「頭飾」「羽」新設 20191009 「前髪」「後髪」追加各パーツ色追加 20191008 「リボン」「枠」追加 20191007 「襟」「髪飾」追加 20191006 「枠」追加 20191004 「髪飾」色追加 20191003 いっぱい追加 20191002 「前髪」「髪飾」追加 20191001 「襟」新設「服」追加 20190929 「前髪」「ブローチ」「髪飾」追加「背景」色追加・調整 20190928 「服」「口」追加 20190927 「髪飾」「背景」追加 20190926 「眉」追加 20190925 「首輪」新設 20190924 「結髪」追加 20190922 「目」追加「リボン」色追加 20190921 「髪飾」追加「後ろ髪」追加髪色追加 20190920 「服」追加「服」「肩紐」色追加 20190919 「頬」追加「髪飾」編集 20190918 「髪飾」新設「結髪」追加 20190917 公開

You can make a heroine for girls. Random deprecated. Ribbons and hair ornaments can be moved quite a bit. Request - Impressions from a maker or marshmallow that can make #magical girls. https://marshmallow-qa.com/guren_amylase I don't know where I am aiming, so please send it ... ○ OK - Use for Twitter icon (Please post the manufacturer name or the account of the person who made it (@Guren_Amylase)) - Use for character icons, etc. -Posted on image posting sites such as __pixiv (please link) × NG - Self-made remarks - Secondary distribution - Malicious processing ---------- 20191012 "Feather" added "Ear corner" newly established 20191011 Added "eyes", "hair decoration" and "frame" 20191010 "Head decoration" and "feather" newly established 20191009 "Bangs" and "Back hair" added. Each part color added 20191008 Added "Ribbon" and "Frame" 20191007 "Collar" and "Hair decoration" added 20191006 "Frame" added 20191004 "Hair decoration" color added 20191003 Full addition 20191002 Added "bangs" and "hair decoration" 20191001 "Collar" new "clothes" added 20190929 "Bangs" "Brooch" "Hair decoration" added "Background" color added - adjustment 20190928 Added "clothes" and "mouth" 20190927 Added "Hair decoration" and "Background" 20190926 Added "eyebrows" 20190925 "Collar" newly established 20190924 "Hairdressing" added 20190922 "Eyes" added "Ribbon" color added 20190921 "Hair decoration" added "Back hair" added Hair color added 20190920 "Clothing" added "Clothing" "shoulder strap" color added 20190919 "Cheek" added "Hair decoration" edited 20190918 "Hair decoration" newly established "Kami-yui" added 20190917 released

(Translated by 'Google translate')