rough pinch -

rough pinch(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

改颜色或者加东西之类的随意,请不要改的面目全非或者约稿和用作商业用途。 (!!不要!用我的捏人当作自己的作品和别人互绘!!这不是可以拿来当自己创作的模版!默认用这个捏人的人都识字!谢谢!请不要缺德 以及我不清楚为什么有人会照着一个捏人做另一个捏人,如果你知道是哪个,说明我感觉挺准.jpg) 有疑问可以私信微博 微博@出逃午餐肉

Change the color or add things at will, please do not change it beyond recognition or make a draft and use it for commercial purposes. (!! Don’t! Use my pinching as your own work to draw with others!! This is not a template that can be used as your own creation! By default, everyone who uses this pinching can read! Thank you! Please don’t be immoral And I don't know why someone would follow one pinching person to another pinching person, if you know which one, it means I feel quite accurate.jpg) If you have any questions, please send a private message to Weibo [email protected] Luncheon Meat

(Translated by 'Google translate')