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JX3/Jianwang 30% female symbol generator(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

==制作中== 本头像生成器为游戏《剑侠情缘网络版叁》的非盈利性二次创作 官方授权声明:https://www.diaochapai.com/survey/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b 作者:花临川(wb:花药yaku) 非艺术专业,难免丑/比例失调。 目前仅制作了较具代表性的海景房外观,未来如果有空的话会加入更多个人喜欢的外观,如八红、考金、四代中秋等。 允许除商用外的一切用途。使用时如能注明出处最好。禁止盗用。 (真的有人会盗这么蹩脚的画吗) ==Work In Progress== This maker is a non-profit fan art of the game JX3 Online. Official guideline of JX3 fan art (page is in Chinese): https://www.diaochapai.com/survey/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b Creator: Arx2 ([email protected]) NON-PROFIT USE ONLY. Profile pics, icons, whatevs. I'd appreciate it if you credit me, but it's ok if you don't. Either way, please DONT claim as your work. [日本語説明は翻訳器を使っています] ==作成中== このアバター生成器はゲーム『JX3 online』の非営利二次創作です 公式ライセンス声明:https://www.diaochapai.com/survey/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b 作者:Arx2 ([email protected]) 商用以外の使用は許可されている。使用する際に出典が明記されている場合が望ましいです。盗用を禁止する。

==== https://www.diaochapai.com/study/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b wbyaku / ==Work In Progress== This producer is a non-benefit fan specialty of the game JX3 Online. Official rule of JX3 fan workmanship (page is in Chinese): https://www.diaochapai.com/overview/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b Maker: Arx2 ([email protected]) NON-PROFIT USE ONLY. Profile pics, symbols, whatevs. I'd see the value in it in the event that you credit me, yet it's alright in the event that you don't. One way or the other, satisfy DONT guarantee as your work. [] ==== JX3 on the web :https://www.diaochapai.com/overview/ce36a184-08ba-4b22-a67f-02febdb8af3b :Arx2 ([email protected])

(Translated by 'Google translate')