make a moderately aged girl -

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make a moderately aged girl(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ORPG하는데 중년여캐 픽크루가 없길래 불편해서 만들었습니다. 맘껏 써주셔도 좋지만 가공, 상업적 사용은 지양해주세요. ---------------------------------------------- -중년여캐 픽크루 만들어주세요 존잘님들.. ㅠㅠ 흑ㅎㄱ -안 맞는 것도 많고 그림도 엉망이지만 그냥 올립니다..... . . 더 이상은 수정 못 해..........

I made this because it was inconvenient because there was no middle-aged female pick crew in the ORPG. You are welcome to use it as much as you like, but please refrain from processing or commercial use. ---------------------------------------------- -Please make a pick crew for middle-aged girls. -There are a lot of things that don't fit, and the pictures are messed up, but I'll just upload them..... . Can't edit any more....

(Translated by 'Google translate')