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2021 Kaohsiung Film Festival(Translated by 'Google translate')
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2021高雄電影節主視覺,以「謎幻樂園」為年度主題,邀請獨立設計工作室SMALL TALK創作。 走過疫情肆虐的一年,新冠肺炎之氣息籠罩全球。失序的社會竟如超現實電影場景一般,常規已被扭曲及改變,儘管生活模式不如意或劇烈改變,透過幻想的世界,來擺脫日常不滿。在疫情尚未結束之際,2021高雄電影節以超現實主義(Surrealism)策劃了電影專題「謎幻樂園」,透過迷幻電影大師們的無盡想像,創造心靈的綠洲,來解放身體上行動不自由。

The main visual of the 2021 Kaohsiung Film Festival takes "Mystery Paradise" as the annual theme and invites independent design studio SMALL TALK to create it. After a year of raging epidemics, the breath of new coronary pneumonia has enveloped the world. The disordered society is like a surreal movie scene, where routines have been distorted and changed, despite the unsatisfactory or drastic changes in life patterns, through the fantasy world, to get rid of daily dissatisfaction. While the epidemic has not yet ended, the 2021 Kaohsiung Film Festival has planned the film theme "Mystery Paradise" with surrealism. Through the endless imagination of psychedelic film masters, creating an oasis for the soul to liberate the body from the freedom of movement .

(Translated by 'Google translate')