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Hobby boy(Translated by 'Google translate')
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(作者の)趣味(に偏った)少年が作れます。青年も作れるかもしれない。 パーツがメチャ少ないですがゆっくり増える予定 睫毛が良くバグるので位置調整で直してあげてね *やっていいこと* ・SNS等のアイコンとしての利用(どこかにこのメーカーのURLかTwitterアカウントのID”@hahf_c"を明記していただけると喜びます) ・軽度の加工(パーツの色変え、フィルター、エフェクト、文字入れ、額縁を付ける等) *やっちゃだめなこと* ・自作発言、トレース ・悪意のある利用 ・パーツの形が変わるような加工(基本的に”加筆”はご遠慮ください。) 質問等ありましたらお気軽にマシュマロへどうぞ→https://marshmallow-qa.com/hahf_c?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotion Twitterで答えます(多分)  【追記】 2019,11,29:オッドアイ対応、アイテム少し修正 2019,12,09:横髪、獣耳追加

You can make a boy who has a hobby (of the author). Youth may also be able to make it. There are few parts, but it will increase slowly The eyelashes are often buggy, so please fix them by adjusting the position. * What you can do * - Use as an icon for SNS etc. (I would be grateful if you could specify the URL of this manufacturer or the ID of your Twitter account "@hahf_c" somewhere) - Light processing (color change of parts, filters, effects, text insertion, frame attachment, etc.) * Don't do it * - Self-made remarks, trace - Malicious use - Processing that changes the shape of the parts (Basically, please refrain from "addition") If you have any questions, please feel free to go to Marshmallow → https://marshmallow-qa.com/hahf_c?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotion Answer on Twitter (maybe) 【postscript】 2019,11,29: Odd-eyed, slightly modified items 2019,12,09: Side hair and animal ears added

(Translated by 'Google translate')