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Winter and sorcery dressmaker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ファンタジーな冬のドレスメーカーです。クリスマスっぽい雰囲気にもできます。 ❄️SNSアイコン・ヘッダー・立ち絵・動画などに使用OK。 ❄️個人・非商用であれば使用はご自由に行なってください。その際はイラストを尊重いただければ幸いです。 ❄️NGな使い方 【×】商用利用 【×】悪意のある使い方 【×】加筆・修正・色変え・反転などの加工すべて 【×】性的な表現のあるものへの使用 【×】中傷目的・政治関連のアカウントでの使用 画像を一枚の中に並べたり、用途別にトリミングなどは可能です。 ❄️You can use it as a social network icon, header, standing picture, video, etc. ❄️You are free to use it for personal and non-commercial use only. I would appreciate it if you respect the illustration when using it. ❄️NG usage 【×】Commercial use 【×】Use for items with sexual expressions 【×】Usage with malicious intent 【×】Use for slanderous purposes or on accounts related to politics 【×】General processing such as adding, modifying, reversing, etc. (Arranging images in a single sheet or trimming for different purposes is acceptable.) ❄️クレジット表記(任意) 下記TwitterかPicrewURLどちらかの表記をお願いします。 ・TwitterID:@plane_ko ・PicrewURL:使用したメーカーのURL ◆2021/12/7 公開 Twitter&Instagram:plane_ko

SNSOK NG You can involve it as an informal community symbol, header, standing picture, video, and so forth. You are allowed to just involve it for individual and non-business use. I would see the value in it on the off chance that you regard the delineation while utilizing it. NG utilization Business use Use for things with sexual articulations Use with malevolent aim Use for derogatory purposes or on accounts connected with legislative issues General handling, for example, adding, altering, turning around, and so on. (Organizing pictures in a solitary sheet or managing for various objects is satisfactory.) () TwitterPicrewURL [email protected]_ko PicrewURLURL 2021/12/7 TwitterInstagramplane_ko

(Translated by 'Google translate')