Child creator of Neko's family -

Child creator of Neko's family(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

自己満足メーカーです。女の子と可愛い系の男が作れるはず… ♡雑なので変な所があります。 ♡タトゥーは可動域広めです。 ♡ハイライトもうまく動かしてください。 × 自作発言、二次配布、商用利用、IRIAMなどの金銭が絡むもの ○ アイコン、TRPG、など個人使用 要望などは作者かメーカー名で呟けば増えるかも…(かも) バグやレイヤーミス等もお気軽にお知らせください。 ▼(210524)ピアスの項目を増やしました。

It is a self-satisfaction maker. You should be able to make a girl and a cute guy ... ♡ There are some strange places because it is miscellaneous. ♡ The tattoo has a wide range of motion. ♡ Please move the highlights well. × Things that involve money such as self-made remarks, secondary distribution, commercial use, IRIAM, etc. ○ Icon, TRPG, etc. for personal use Requests may increase if you mutter by the author or manufacturer name ... (maybe) Please feel free to let us know about bugs and layer mistakes. ▼ (210524) Increased the number of pierced earrings.

(Translated by 'Google translate')