your pixie friend -

your fairy friend
your pixie friend(Translated by 'Google translate')
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V. 1.1 + Added black and white options for more items + Increased movement capabilities for some items [ENGLISH] Welcome. You are about to create a fairy that will join you on your quest. You may not know what purpose they have yet, but they will reveal their true nature to you if you listen. Please play with the size and movement options as well as the randomizers for the full fun impact. Please tag me if you post what you’ve made on social media More colors and shapes planned for the future. PUBLISHED 07/30/2020 LAST EDIT 08/01/2020 [JAPANESE] 日本語が不正確なことをお詫びします。私は日本語を母国語としないため、Google翻訳を利用しました。 ようこそ。あなたはあなたの探求に参加する妖精を作成しようとしています。あなたはまだそれがどんな目的を持っているのかは分からないかもしれませんが、あなたが聞くなら、それはあなたにその本質を明らかにします。 サイズと動きのオプション、およびランダマイザーを活用して、たくさんの楽しみを持っています。 ソーシャルメディアで作成したものを投稿する場合は、タグを付けてください @hellomxoliver ♡  より多くの色と形が将来のために計画されています。 07/30/2020 公開された 08/01/2020 更新しました

V. 1.1 + Added highly contrasting choices for additional things + Expanded development abilities for certain things [ENGLISH] Welcome. You are going to make a pixie that will go along with you on your mission. You may not understand what reason they have yet, yet they will uncover their real essence to you in the event that you tune in. Kindly play with the size and development choices as well as the randomizers for the full tomfoolery influence. If it's not too much trouble, label me on the off chance that you post what youve made via web-based entertainment More tones and shapes anticipated what's in store. Distributed 07/30/2020 LAST EDIT 08/01/2020 [JAPANESE] Google @hellomxoliver 07/30/2020 08/01/2020

(Translated by 'Google translate')