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YOOKI maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

picrewのキャラクターメーかーを作ってみました!!! I tried making a picrew character maker! Twitterやってますのでよければ見てって下さい! I'm using Twitter too so please check it out! → https://twitter.com/YOOKIkiku ーーーーー問い合わせ Contactーーーーー 不具合か提案とかあればお題箱までお願いします If there were any problems with the maker or you have any more suggestions please contact here! → https://odaibako.net/u/YOOKIkiku ーーーーーお知らせ Noticeーーーーー ◆(2019年7月7日) 背中アクセサリー、上着、インナー、アホ毛、後ろエフェクトと背景を追加しました ◆(2019年7月6日)残念ながらメーカーで作られたイラストが売買されたのを発覚しましたので見栄えが劣化するにもかかわらず注意書きを追加させていただきました。It has been found that someone has been selling art made by YOOKI maker, therefore I will be adding a warning to the illustration despite ruining the quality. ◆(2019年7月2日) 肌と耳カラー(x1)、背景(x1)、目(x1)を追加しました。 ◆(2019年6月30日) 初リリース First Release ーーーー許可 Permissionーーーーー 〇アイコンなどに使用可 Free to use as Icon 〇加工可 Free to edit

picrew I had a go at making a picrew character producer! Twitter I'm utilizing Twitter as well so kindly look at it! https://twitter.com/YOOKIkiku Contact Assuming there were any issues with the creator or you have additional ideas if it's not too much trouble, contact here! https://odaibako.net/u/YOOKIkiku Notice 201977 201976It has been found that somebody has been selling craftsmanship made by YOOKI producer, hence I will add an admonition to the representation in spite of demolishing the quality. 201972x1x1x1 2019630 First Release Authorization Allowed to use as Icon Free to edit

(Translated by 'Google translate')