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YAM(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hello, this is a Picrew i made for fun. I also make comics sometimes, though i only just started to use social media because I am not that confident in my art. intsagram- @ouma.toyo if people actually like this and use it then I'll make more things and styles, and maybe take requests and suggestions. google translation below, sorry if it's messed up. Thank you, enjoy. こんにちは、これは私が楽しみのために作ったピクルーです。 コミックを作ることもありますが、アートに自信がないのでソーシャルメディアを使い始めたばかりです。 intsagram- @ouma.toyo もし人々が実際にこれを好きでそれを使うなら、私はより多くのものやスタイルを作り、そしておそらくリクエストや提案を取るでしょう。 下のグーグル翻訳、めちゃくちゃごめんなさい。 ありがとう、お楽しみください!

Hello, this is a Picrew I made for the sake of entertainment. I likewise make comics some of the time, however I just barely begun to utilize online entertainment since I am not that positive about my craft. [email protected] on the off chance that individuals really like this and use it, I'll make more things and styles, and perhaps take solicitations and ideas. google interpretation underneath, sorry assuming it's screwed up. Much thanks to you, appreciate. [email protected]

(Translated by 'Google translate')