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Xigideer's Character Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

For personal and non-commercial use only! Please credit me if used an icon, feel free to edit but do not claim as your own! Hi and welcome to my picrew!! This is for personal use ONLY, do not use for any kind of commercial use and always credit me when used on social media. I am open to suggests which you can drop at my tumblr (linked below), but please keep in mind I might not add them. I try to update monthly though, so if you do ask for something you might see it added within the month! Unfortunately I don't speak japanese so I used google translate for this, if you'd like to help me translate it properly please contact me!! Find me at: https://xigideer.tumblr.com/ 個人的および非商業的使用のみ!アイコンを使用している場合は私にクレジットしてください。自由に編集してください。自分のものとして主張しないでください。 こんにちは、私のpicrewへようこそ!これをまとめるのに長い時間を費やしたので、気に入っていただければ幸いです。それは私が描くことに慣れているので、オプションは主に女性的ですが、もっと男性的なものや何かを見たい場合は、私のタンブラーに質問やメッセージをドロップしてください(下記にリンクされています)。うまくいけば、すぐにいくつかの提案で更新されます!

For individual and non-business utilize as it were! If it's not too much trouble, credit me on the off chance that utilized a symbol, go ahead and alter yet don't guarantee as your own! Greetings and welcome to my picrew!! This is for individual utilize ONLY, use for no sort of business use and consistently credit me when utilized via web-based entertainment. I'm available to recommends which you can drop at my tumblr (connected beneath), yet if it's not too much trouble, remember I probably won't add them. I attempt to refresh month to month however, so assuming that you in all actuality do request something you could see it added soon! Sadly I don't communicate in japanese so I utilized google decipher for this, in the event that you might want to assist me with interpreting it appropriately kindly reach me!! Track down me at: https://xigideer.tumblr.com/ picrew

(Translated by 'Google translate')