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[WIP] THATSKYGAME PICREW(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

A Picrew tribute to the game Sky: Children of the Light šŸŽ You may make sky children outfits as character references, please use freely to your heart's content! āœØšŸ’– (my twitter: @random_toiletry, please do use #skypicrew_bushi so I may see your works too! šŸ˜Š) ```UPDATE LOG: ā€» Classic in-game cosmetics are the only available options at the moment, new cosmetics will be added per season by batches. ā€» Backgrounds and VFX options will be added sooner. ā€» Some items need manual adjusting due to haywire when using the random feature (ex. active arm and instruments). _____________________________________________ My only conditions are that you follow the Picrew rules and @thatgamecompany's code of conduct when using fan-made intellectual properties; (https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-children-of-the-light/?s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=can-i-share-my-fan-art-and-other-sky-inspired-works&l=en&p=all)

A Picrew recognition for the game Sky: Children of the Light You might make sky kids outfits as character references, if it's not too much trouble, use openly however much you might want! (my twitter: @random_toiletry, kindly use #skypicrew_bushi so I might see your works as well! ) '''UPDATE LOG: Exemplary in-game beauty care products are the main accessible choices right now, new beauty care products will be added per season by groups. Foundations and VFX choices will be added sooner. A things need manual changing because of haywire while utilizing the irregular element (ex. dynamic arm and instruments). _____________________________________________ My main circumstances are that you keep the Picrew guidelines and @thatgamecompany's implicit set of rules while utilizing fan-made scholarly properties; (https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-offspring of-the-light/?s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=can-I-share-my-fan-workmanship and-other-sky-motivated works&l=en&p=all)

(Translated by 'Google translate')