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(WIP) Simple character creator
(WIP) Simple person creator(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

This is my first avatar creator so it isn't that great. If you do use it, don't expect it to be good. This is nowhere near finished, so there isn't a lot to it. I will update it in the future though! ^-^ Please don't remove my watermark, trace the art, or steal it in any way. Please credit me when using an avatar made in this creator! :) You can also find me at: Instagram - o1star_child1o DeviantArt - o1Star-Child1o

This is my most memorable symbol maker so it isn't so amazing. Assuming you in all actuality do utilize it, don't anticipate that it should be great. This is not even close to got done, so there isn't much to it. However, i will refresh it later on! ^-^ Kindly don't eliminate my watermark, follow the craftsmanship, or take it in any capacity. If it's not too much trouble, credit me while utilizing a symbol made in this maker! :) You can likewise track down me at: Instagram - o1star_child1o DeviantArt - o1Star-Child1o

(Translated by 'Google translate')