winds character creator [wip] -

winds character maker [wip]
winds character creator [wip](Translated by 'Google translate')
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hey hey its me my first picrew why did i make this? well my friend told me to anyways time for the real description Every wanted to steal this random person's art style because it looked nice while walking in the discovery page or search page to find an actual good picrew?! Well, look no further! Here is: winds character maker [wip] ------------------------------- As you can see, it's a WIP! (Work in progress) So, it isn't done. This picrew has decent skin stones unlike some picrews! Have a complaint about the picrew? Too bad! Unless, you're my friend and you have my direct messages! But anyways, I hate critic so I probably wont listen to you! Just kidding, I will probably fix it!

hey hello its me my first picrew for what reason did I make this? well my companion told me to in any case time for the genuine depiction Each needed to take this arbitrary individual's specialty style since it looked decent while strolling in the disclosure page or search page to find a real decent picrew?! Indeed, look no further! Here is: winds character creator [wip] ------------------------------- As may be obvious, it's a WIP! (Work underway) So, it isn't finished. This picrew has respectable skin stones dissimilar to some picrews! Have a grumbling about the picrew? Really awful! Except if, you're my companion and you have my immediate messages! In any case, I disdain pundit so I most likely wont pay attention to you! Simply joking, I will most likely fix it!

(Translated by 'Google translate')