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Vickie's Icon Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hi! This icon creator is for personal/non-commercial use only. I'll try to update it from time to time, so if you have suggestions you can write to me on my Twitter. [] ⭕ OK • Using as avatar/icon, with credit/link in bio or desc. • Posting it, with credit/link in the caption ❌ NOT OK • Using it for advertisement or commercial use in any way • Claiming the art as your own • Tracing the picture • Posting/using it anywhere without proper credit • Removing my name from the picture • Heavily editing the picture /// Twitter: Pixiv: Ko-fi: /// アイコン向け。 パーツは随時更新。 以下の事を守っていただければご自由にご利用ください。 このメーカーで作成した画像の著作権は私が保持しております。 OK ・作成した画像のアイコン利用 ・ここで作成したキャラの二次創作 NG ・商用利用  (お金が発生した案件にメーカーで作った画像を使用すること   メーカーで作った画像を販売することなど) ・自作発言

Hi! This symbol maker is for individual/non-business utilize as it were. I'll attempt to refresh it occasionally, so in the event that you have ideas you can keep in touch with me on my Twitter. [] Alright Utilizing as symbol/symbol, with credit/connect in bio or desc. Posting it, with credit/connect in the subtitle NOT OK Involving it for ad or business use in any capacity Guaranteeing the craftsmanship as your own Following the image Posting/utilizing it anyplace without appropriate credit Eliminating my name from the image Intensely altering the image /// Twitter: Pixiv: Ko-fi: /// Alright NG ( )

(Translated by 'Google translate')