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TV Head Maker
TV Head Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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テレビヘッドクリエイター!アイコンやキャラクターのインスピレーションとして使用できます。私によってすべての芸術。 日本語を話さないので残念です。これはすべてのグーグル翻訳です Tv Head creator! Okay to use as icons and OC inspiration :) All art by me! You can find me on: Twitter: @llo51001/@ashthedeer Tumblr: @amomortem Instagram: @amomortem Thanks for playing!!! Feedback is greatly welcomed!

! Television Head maker! Alright to use as symbols and OC motivation :) All workmanship by me! You can think that I'm on: Twitter: @llo51001/@ashthedeer Tumblr: @amomortem Instagram: @amomortem Gratitude for playing!!! Criticism is incredibly welcomed!

(Translated by 'Google translate')