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TSIOX's Avatar Maker (OLD)
TSIOX's Avatar Maker (OLD)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

I’ll continue making more content for this so stay tuned! 🚫 RULES 🚫 - For Personal & Non-Commercial use only. - Do not distribute the content together with software/game etc. - Do not remove credit. - Do not claim that it’s your artwork. - Do not trace. - Do not use it with accounts dedicated to hate speech. - Doing small adjustments in the picture after it’s done is ok as long as you follow my rules. Contact me if you think someone is using it incorrectly. You can find me at: https://twitch.tv/tsiox https://twitter.com/tsiox

Ill keep making more satisfied for this so remain tuned! RULES - For Personal and Non-Commercial utilize as it were. - Try not to appropriate the substance along with programming/game and so forth. - Try not to eliminate credit. - Try not to guarantee that its your work of art. - Try not to follow. - Try not to utilize it with accounts devoted to can't stand discourse. - Doing little changes in the image after its done is alright the same length as you observe my guidelines. Get in touch with me assuming that you think somebody is utilizing it mistakenly. You can track down me at: https://twitch.tv/tsiox https://twitter.com/tsiox

(Translated by 'Google translate')