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Tired Dude Maker / 眠いメーカー
Tired Dude Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

(+ dudettes!) make your own vaguely sleepy looking stink. feel free to edit what you want, pls just be sure to credit me! Don't erase cred or I'll hunt you down grrr more outfits will come eventually probably, ahahaa tumblr @papercwipping insta @papercwipping 【翻訳機を使用しましたので、間違いはご容赦ください】 ぼんやりと眠そうな自分だけのキャラクターを作りましょう。自由に編集してください。必ずクレジットを追加してください。私のクレジットを削除しないでください。 おそらくより多くの服のオプションが最終的に来るでしょう。

(+ dudettes!) make your own ambiguously lethargic looking smell. go ahead and alter what you need, pls simply make certain to credit me! Try not to delete cred or I'll chase you down grrr more outfits will come in the end presumably, ahahaa tumblr @papercwipping insta @papercwipping

(Translated by 'Google translate')