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The Gigaverse: Celestial
The Gigaverse: Celestial(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

This Picrew was made to provide a character creator for the fantasy tabletop RPG, The Gigaverse. If you've stumbled across this without knowing anything about The Gigaverse, you can check it out here! This specific maker will allow you to create Gigaverse-lore-friendly angels, demons, and imps. このPicrewは、The Gigaverseという卓上ゲームのための天使、悪魔、そしてインプを作成するためのものです! 悪い日本語ですみません、私はグーグル翻訳を使いました!

This Picrew was made to give a person maker to the dream tabletop RPG, The Gigaverse. Assuming you've coincidentally found this without having a ton of insight into The Gigaverse, you can look at it here! This particular producer will permit you to make Gigaverse-legend amicable heavenly messengers, evil spirits, and pixies. PicrewThe Gigaverse

(Translated by 'Google translate')