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TEST(Translated by 'Google translate')
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자기만족용으로 테스트삼아 급조로 만든 픽크루라서 색과 파츠는 차차 추가합니다....혹시 몰라 덧붙이자면 링크나 닉넴으로 출처만 남겨주신다면 트위터/커뮤 인장으로 사용하셔도 됩니다. ※채색외의 2차가공× 자작발언× 상업적 사용×※ ※제작자의 취향만을 듬뿍 담았기에 파츠 종류가 단조롭습니다....원하시는 파츠 있으시다면 문의주세요 --> @HuffleLia_commu※ This picrew is still in progress :D I'll add more hairs and accessories etc....and also color soon. You can use this as a profile pic on twitter If you properly credit me with link or nickname. Retouching is not allowed except coloring

.... /. 2 .... --> @HuffleLia_commu This picrew is still underway :D I'll add more hairs and adornments etc....and likewise variety soon. You can involve this as a profile pic on twitter If you appropriately acknowledge me for connection or moniker. Correcting isn't permitted with the exception of coloring

(Translated by 'Google translate')