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Taiwan god 地基主 - デジチュ
Taiwan god Foundation Lord-(Translated by 'Google translate')
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This is one of Taiwan’s "Deities in your home" event plans. This role is the god of family whitch call "Foundation Main" in Taiwan. He is the god who blesses the safety of the family. Because of this god has one in every family so we think he should be very interesting and appropriate in Picrew. Hope you all will like this derivative creation of Taiwan’s traditional culture. これは台湾の「家族のカミ」イベントプロジェクトのひとつです。 この役は台湾の家族の神「デジチュ(家の土地の神霊)」です。 彼は家族の平和を祝福する神、すべての家族にはひとつがいます。 彼はPicrewに登場は非常に興味深く、適切なものになるでしょう、僕達と思います。 台湾の伝統文化のこの二次創作を皆さんが気に入ってくれるとを願いします。

This is one of Taiwans "Divinities in your home" occasion plans. This job is the divine force of family whitch call "Establishment Main" in Taiwan. He is the god who favors the wellbeing of the family. On account of this god has one in each family so we figure he ought to be exceptionally fascinating and suitable in Picrew. Trust all of you will like this subordinate production of Taiwans customary culture. () Picrew

(Translated by 'Google translate')