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Swiggity's Monday Hater Maker
Swiggity's Monday Hater Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Every piece of this picrew was lovingly hand drawn by me! There are 3 torso shape options with clothing options for each!! Please click the edit button for shirts and jackets to make the clothes fit your torso. There are also 2 skintone options if you press the edit button when choosing your torso. If you want the signature jon shirt, please understand that most of the other clothing items will not work with it due to the angle. XxX FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY XxX

Each piece of this picrew was affectionately hand drawn by me! There are 3 middle shape choices with attire choices for each!! Kindly snap the alter button for shirts and coats to make the garments fit your middle. There are likewise 2 skintone choices assuming you press the alter button while picking your middle. Assuming you need the mark jon shirt, kindly comprehend that the vast majority of the other dress things won't work with it because of the point. XxX FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY XxX

(Translated by 'Google translate')