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Spooky Sweetie
Spooky Sweetie(Translated by 'Google translate')
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🎃Happy Halloween!🎃 こちらはグループで制作したメーカーです お菓子のようにかわいいパーツが揃っております おかしくなるまで、お楽しみください! ★★★使用規約★★★ ・SNSアイコンLineアイコンへの使用OK ・動画など制作物への使用OK ・↑に使用する為に加工する事もOK ・製作物は加工の有無に関わらず公開、投稿する場合、クレジット表記としてメーカー名とメーカーのURLを記載する必要あり ★★★禁止事項★★★ ・自作発言 ・データの再配布 ・クレジット記載の無い公開及び投稿 =============== 🎃Happy Halloween!🎃 This is a maker made by the group. The parts are as cute as candy! Please enjoy until you go crazy! ★★★Terms of Use ★★★ You can use them for SNS icons and line icons. You can use them in your videos and productions. It is OK to process the image for use in ↑. If you publish or post your work, with or without processing, you must include the manufacturer's name and URL as a credit. ★★★Prohibited matters★★★ Self-made remarks Redistribution of data Publication or posting without credit ★★★参加者名とTwitterID★★★ えりあ @eria_arie 朔夜柚華 @Yuka_syu515 椎虫 @sii8989 師走 おわり @Yearend スーザン @Sooooooosan たろう @onigiritabeyo25 デンプン @den_puun ニキ @Elie_39 箱 @fmfm90808632 もちにゃー @naopon_131024 【責任者】 みたらし。 @Mitarasi_0129

Happy Halloween! SNSLineOK Alright Alright URL =============== Cheerful Halloween! This is a creator made by the gathering. The parts are essentially as adorable as candy! Kindly appreciate until you go off the deep end! Terms of Use You can involve them for SNS symbols and line symbols. You can involve them in your recordings and creations. It is OK to handle the picture for use in . On the off chance that you distribute or post your work, regardless of handling, you should incorporate the producer's name and URL as a credit. Denied matters Independent comments Rearrangement of information Distribution or posting without credit TwitterID @eria_arie @Yuka_syu515 sii8989 @Yearend @Sooooooosan @onigiritabeyo25 @den_puun @Elie_39 @fmfm90808632 @naopon_131024 @Mitarasi_0129

(Translated by 'Google translate')