Snail -

カタツムリ (snail)
Snail(Translated by 'Google translate')
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make a snail. sometimes there is a slug. カタツムリを作ります。時々スラッグがあります。これは期待外れはありません snails by MMD / MMDはこれを作りました ( ) feel free to send suggestions! / 提案はGoogle翻訳によって翻訳されます。申し訳ありませんでした。 (16/8/19) i can't read calendars / 読めません。 [later / 後] added the rest of the two-tone bodies; hats; miscellaneous. / 新しいナメクジ!新しい帽子!「スネイル」または「スネヨル」と発音されますか?おいら「スネヨル」と発音します。おいらがテキサス人だからですか? (15/8/19) i have learned about the color changing option. i have a lot to fix / 色について学びました。革命的。死ぬまでの時間 [later / 後] condensed a lot. will fix pride stripes, and add missing colors / それをおいらが直した。ほんの一部です。おいらは同性愛者です [later+ / 後+] color update finished! accessories & backgrounds will come soon / すべての色が利用可能です!背景とアクセサリーは後日発表されます to-do list: > pride patterns & flags (polyamorous, radiation) > backgrounds > new shells (cone, spike, sea slug, food) > new patterns > new hats (glasses) > necklaces > tools > misc 2

make a snail. once in a while there is a slug. snails by MMD/MMD ( ) go ahead and send ideas! /Google (16/8/19) I can't understand schedules/ [afterward/] added the remainder of the two-tone bodies; caps; different. / (15/8/19) I have found out about the variety evolving choice. I have a great deal to fix/ [afterward/] consolidated a ton. will fix pride stripes, and add missing varieties/ [later+/+] variety update wrapped up! adornments and foundations will come soon/ plan for the day: > pride designs and banners (polyamorous, radiation) > foundations > new shells (cone, spike, ocean slug, food) > new examples > new caps (glasses) > neckbands > instruments > misc 2

(Translated by 'Google translate')