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Small Bad Dreams / 小さな悪い夢
Small Bad Dreams/(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Nine, the seven-year-old boy, travels to a neighboring village filled with tiny tiny people... and everyone is totally friendly and he never goes hungry! And he makes so many friends that stay with him forever!! Make him a friend to help him on his journey ;) (Some items may not fit together... good luck!) ~ ナイン, 7歳の男の子, 小さな人がいる村に旅行します。 誰もが親切で, 彼は決して空腹ではありません。 彼はとてもたくさんの友達を作ります. 彼の友達は永遠にとどまります。 彼の友達を作ろう!

Nine, the seven-year-old kid, goes to an adjoining town loaded up with small minuscule individuals... what's more, everybody is absolutely cordial and he never goes hungry! Also, he makes such countless companions that stay with him until the end of time!! Make him a companion to help him on his excursion ;) (A few things may not fit together... best of luck!) ~ , 7, , .

(Translated by 'Google translate')