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SkeleMaker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Hello! This is my first ever picrew! (so there might be some errors) It took me a while but it was really fun I hope everything works nicely :) I had some trouble with nose(it sometimes ends up in wrong positions) so I allowed the moving option feel free to use it :) Also! Yes you can use the characters as your profile picture! (as long as you: dont erase signature/claim it as yours) And if you plan on posting it on social medias be sure to tag me or link my profile/page If you have any questions/suggestions about the picrew or want see my artworks Here are all my socials: enjoy :)

Hello! This is my very first picrew! (so there may be a few blunders) It took me some time however it was truly fun I trust everything works pleasantly :) I experienced some difficulty with nose(it now and then winds up in off-base positions) so I permitted the moving choice go ahead and use it :) Moreover! Indeed you can involve the characters as your profile picture! (however long you: dont delete signature/guarantee it as yours) Also, assuming you anticipate posting it on friendly medias make certain to label me or connection my profile/page Assuming you have any inquiries/ideas about the picrew or on the other hand need see my craftsmanships Here are my socials: appreciate :)

(Translated by 'Google translate')