simple babs you are -

simple babs uwu
simple babs you are(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ive always wanted to do one but i rlly dont have the patience to do a huge one so here u go~ - use for anything unless its for profit! - you can use for adopts, as long as its not for any sort of currency (aka for art, charas, customs etc only) - credit me! da/th : smw-exe discord : smw#4593 ig : smwexe

ive consistently needed to do one however I rlly dont have the persistence to do a gigantic one so here u go~ - use for anything except if its for benefit! - you can use for embraces, for however long its not really for any kind of money (also known as for craftsmanship, charas, customs and so on as it were) - credit me! da/th : smw-exe friction : smw#4593 ig : smwexe

(Translated by 'Google translate')