Simoon dies -

Simoon dies(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

22. 05. 21 생성 파츠는 차차 추가됩니다. 파츠가 부족한 건 자각하고 잇습니다. 가공 환영입니다. 예쁘게 가공해주세요. 상업용 이외 어느 방면에라도 사용해주신다면 감사합니다. 그렇지만 상업적으로 사용하거나 제가 안 보는 데서 자기가 그렷다고 우긴다면 소송 GO입니다. 이 피크루로 당신의 지인들을 모에화해주신다면 그보다 영광스런 일은 없을 것 같내요. パーツは次第に追加されます。 パーツが足りないのは自覚しています。 加工歓迎です。 きれいに加工してください。 商業用以外のどの方面にでもお使いいただければ幸いです。 しかし商業的に使ったり、私が見ないところで自分が描いたと言い張るなら訴訟GOです。 このピクルーであなたの知り合いをキャラクター化してくれるなら、それより光栄なことはなさそうですね。 Parts are added gradually. I am aware that there are not enough parts, so adding your paint or modifying your picture is welcome. Please make it better. I’d appreciate it if you could use it in any area other than commercial use. However, if you use it commercially or insist that you drew it without seeing it, it's an lawsuit-calling act. If you could characterize your friends with this picrew, there would be nothing more honorable than that.

22. 05. 21 . . . . . GO. . GO Parts are added bit by bit. I'm mindful that there are insufficient parts, so adding your paint or it is free to adjust your image. Kindly improve it. Id like it if you could involve it in any space other than business use. In any case, assuming you use it financially or demand that you drew it without seeing it, it's a claim calling act. On the off chance that you could portray your companions with this picrew, there would not be anything more decent than that.

(Translated by 'Google translate')