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..sheep girl maker..
..sheep young lady maker..(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

sheep girl maker! (they don't have to be girls) first picrew i've ever made, meant to be a weekend fun project to learn how photoshop works that turned into a two week thing.. personal use only, please! do check the color options! I might update it later down the line so if you have any requests, or want to tag me, my tumblr is https://frecklepeckle.tumblr.com/ ((これはグーグル翻訳でごめんなさい!)) 羊の女の子メーカー! (彼らは女の子である必要はありません) 私が今までに作った最初のpicrewは、フォトショップがどのように機能するかを学ぶための週末の楽しいプロジェクトであり、2週間のものになりました。 個人使用のみお願いします! 色のオプションを確認してください! 後で更新する可能性があるので、リクエストがある場合、またはタグを付けたい場合は、私のtumblrは https://frecklepeckle.tumblr.com/

sheep young lady creator! (they don't need to be young ladies) first picrew i've made, intended to be an end of the week fun task to figure out how photoshop functions that transformed into a fourteen day thing.. individual utilize just, please! do actually take a look at the variety choices! I could refresh it later down the line so on the off chance that you have any solicitations, or need to label me, my tumblr is https://frecklepeckle.tumblr.com/ picrew2 tumblr https://frecklepeckle.tumblr.com/

(Translated by 'Google translate')