Subculture Electric Railway "sabukaru-dentetsu" -

サブカル電鉄 「sabukaru-dentetsu」
Subculture Electric Railway "sabukaru-dentetsu"(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

OK: Personal/non-commercial use use it as avatar/icon on your SNS make your character based on edit/meme use post it to SNS(with credit is ok) NG: Trace commercial use not crediting claiming as your art please tag the creator/link. or tag it #sabugarudentetsupicrew Ver 1.0 released. - SNS: Pixiv: DA: Main tumblr: YT: second tumblr:

OK: Individual/non-business use use it as symbol/symbol on your SNS make your personality in light of alter/image use present it on SNS(with credit is alright) NG: Follow business use not crediting guaranteeing as your craft kindly label the maker/connect. or on the other hand label it #sabugarudentetsupicrew Ver 1.0 delivered. - SNS: Pixiv: DA: Primary tumblr: YT: second tumblr:

(Translated by 'Google translate')