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v. 1.0.1 こんにちは! 気軽に使用して、必要な変更を加えてください。ただし、少なくとも私を信用することを忘れないでください(tt:@rafflesia _____ / instagram:@boristherafflesia) 私はまだ多くの改善に取り組んでいます、そしてもしあればあなたはツイッターを通して私に連絡するかもしれません 楽しんで! バイバイ hello! feel free to use it and make any modifications you want, but at least remember to credit me (tt: @rafflesia_____ / instagram: @boristherafflesia) I'm still working on a lot of improvements, and if you have any you may contact me via twitter have fun! bye bye

v. 1.0.1 tt@rafflesia _____/instagram@boristherafflesia hi! go ahead and use it and make any changes you need, yet basically make sure to credit me (tt: @rafflesia_____/instagram: @boristherafflesia) I'm actually dealing with a ton of enhancements, and on the off chance that you have any you might reach me through twitter have a great time! bye bye

(Translated by 'Google translate')