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Princess maker/プリンセスメーカー
Princess maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

A princess maker! Not all clothing items have different colours. If a palette appears, it means the items are only in that colour. Some hats do not work with horns, I'm sorry about this issue. It will be hard to fix so I have left it for now. Please don't edit the image and don't use it for bad or lewd purposes. Thank you! Suggestions for new items are OK! (translated with google/使用されたグーグル翻訳) プリンセスメーカー! すべての衣料品目が色が異なるわけではありません。 パレットが表示された場合、アイテムはその色のみにあることを意味します。一部の帽子はホーンで動作しません。この問題については申し訳ありません。 直しにくいのでとりあえずそのままにしておきます。 画像を編集しないでください。 ありがとうございました! 新商品の提案は問題ありません。

A princess producer! Not all apparel things have various varieties. Assuming that a range shows up, it implies the things are just in that tone. A few caps don't work with horns, I'm heartbroken about this issue. It will be difficult to fix so I have left it for the present. Kindly don't alter the picture and don't involve it for awful or indecent purposes. Much obliged to you! Ideas for new things are OK! (interpreted with google/)

(Translated by 'Google translate')