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Pixie Hollow
Pixie Hollow(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

(IN PROGRESS) Create your own Pixie Hollow Fairy! Because all of the artwork is made in a painting style to mimic the official art, there are fewer customization options to choose from. I am adding more details slowly, but it does take a long time to create. ピクシー・ホロウのフェアリーを作り上げる! オフィシャルの絵をみれるには、全部の絵は絵画のスタイルですから、少ないの選択だけがあります。新しい絵を襲いつけているのですが、作るのはちょっと時間がかかります。

(IN PROGRESS) Make your own Pixie Hollow Fairy! Since the fine art is all made in a composition style to emulate the authority craftsmanship, there are less customization choices to browse. I'm adding more subtleties gradually, however it requires a long investment to make.

(Translated by 'Google translate')